Community, Confinement and Christ

Join us via Zoom on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. from Sept. 30th until Nov. 18th...

Because of COVID-19, our community has been forced to shelter in place. We've shifted to virtual work, school, and worship services & small-group gatherings. Many of us have felt confined physically and socially. Some have seen friends or family members afflicted with the virus. Our sense of faithful community and our connection to Christ have been tested.

This group will present open opportunities to share accounts of personal experience in a caring environment, to re-kindle the warmth of First Church community, and through prayer and other reflection to affirm or reclaim the love of Christ. Those with good news to tell will be welcome. Those who are grieving or otherwise suffering will be heard. And all will join with Jesus to give rest to the weary and heavy-laden, seeking the comfort of God’s grace every day.

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