First Church Chili Cookoff

Sunday, January 26, after worship in Great Hall

Thanks for participating in the First Church Chili Cookoff, hosted by the Fellowship Committee.  We welcome your meat or meatless chili and/or cornbread entries.  

You can participate as an individual or as a group.

This year’s event will be eco-friendly, and we’ll have enough categories that everyone is going to win!

The week leading up to the event we will communicate with all those who have registered online, but for the most part, here is the scoop:

  • That day the congregation will be invited to roam around Great Hall to sample whatever they wish from tables around the perimeter of the room.  Food will be served (by the chef responsible or a sous-chef or other minion) in small taster cups. 
  • Participants are asked to check in with their culinary creation between 9:00-10:15 a.m. that morning.  Please bring your chili  in a large crockpot or slow cooker that can be kept on warm during worship.  You are welcome to use the kitchen stovetop or oven to warm food, although you may be sharing space with a number of others.
  • Taster cups, spoons, and napkins will be provided.  You need to bring serving utensils and any garnishes.  Please bring an extension cord and/or power strip if you can.
  • Be familiar with your ingredients so you can communicate them to those who may have allergies or dietary restrictions.  
  • Table decorations are optional but encouraged (and are a great way to showcase a particular program/ministry area).  Assuming we have good participation, you will share an 8 ft. table with another chef.
  • If you are submitting on behalf of a group (e.g., the Awesome Fall 2017 New Members Class, Children's Council, Music Ministry), you are welcome to offer propaganda --er, literature -- about your group at the table.
  • If you are entering more than one recipe, you need to complete this on-line form twice.

Questions?  Contact Jonathan Nieuwsma, Chili Cookoff Coordinator, at

Thanks in advance for your participation!

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