Middle School Mission Trip - June 26-29, 2019

First United Methodist Church is a community of Christians inviting all people to grow in relationship to God and to live their faith in the world.

Register now and join us on our Middle School Mission trip to Polo, IL. We will work in and around Polo's neighborhoods, food pantries and community gardens. Registration opens January 5, 2019 and will close on March 1, 2019.


Registration Information

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Billing Information

Terms & Conditions

I understand that my participation in this trip includes:

* Attending the preparation meetings for this trip.
* Agreeing to abide by the Covenant.
* Participating in the life of this church community by attending classes, worship, and youth fellowship.
* My deposit of $125.00 is non-refundable.

2018-2019 Youth Ministry Medical Waiver & Covenant



Print 2018-19 Youth Ministry Medical Waiver and Covenant Form and return it to the office by Sunday, March 1, 2019 if you have not already done so for 2018/2019.