Middle School Mission Trip - Summer 2020

June 24-27, 2020

First Church Mission Statement: First United Methodist Church is a community of Christians inviting all people to grow in their relationship with God and to live their faith in the world.


What will we do?  We will work with a local church in Polo, IL that will identify people in the area in need of help. Last year we helped a couple who needed some home repair in the form of scraping and painting their house and staining their deck. We will get to know people in the area and learn about the issues that people are struggling with in this rural community.

Who goes?  Youth who are currently in grades 6 and 7. Older youth who are currently in grades 8-10 may participate as student leaders.  

Can friends go? Yes.

Who are the leaders? A team of adults including Mike McGuire, Chris Winslow and Jane Cheema and older youth.

Group Size:  15- 20

Cost: $250/ youth.  A $125 deposit is due at registration and the balance of $125 is due by June 1, 2020.

Where do we stay? We will stay either at a church in the area or at the McGuire’s farm, depending on  the size of our group.


Registration will close at the end of January. 

Questions? Contact Jane Cheema at jane@faithatfirst.com


Registration Information

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Billing Information

Terms & Conditions

I understand that my participation in this trip includes:

* Attending the preparation meetings for this trip.
* Agreeing to abide by the Covenant.
* Participating in the life of this church community by attending classes, worship, and youth fellowship.
* My deposit of $125.00 is non-refundable.

2019-2020 Youth Ministry Medical Waiver & Covenant



PRINT 2019-20 Youth Ministry Medical Waiver and Covenant Form and return it to the office as soon as possible- if you have not already done so for 2019-20.