2020 Coed Softball Team

Looking for a place to meet new folks and stay active? Join the First Church Fighting Methodist Coed Softball Team!

No experience necessary; this is a fellowship opportunity first, with a little bit of friendly competition on the side.

Coed leagues will play a regular season schedule of 11 games, followed by a single-elimination tournament.

Must be 18 years or older to be eligible to play.

Games are on Monday evenings April 20 - June 29. Game times are 6:45/7:45/8:45/9:45 p.m. Practice dates and times TBD.

For more information, contact Greta Connor at ggconnor.28@gmail.com

If you have a shirt from previous seasons, no need to order another one.


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Terms & Conditions

I understand that First Church's softball team is first and foremost a fellowship opportunity. I understand that playing time is not based on skill but instead has the focus of giving everyone an opportunity to play.

I understand that positions played by each player will vary weekly due to number of people at each game, switching positions to give every player an opportunity to play in different spots, and switching positions to develop and determine where people's strengths lie.

I understand that the coach creates the roster for each game. If there are questions, please talk privately and directly to the coach. The coach will make changes to the roster if necessary.

I understand that this is a church team, and I agree to abstain from the consumption of alcohol BEFORE and/or during each game as is stated in the City of Evanston rules and guidelines for each team participating in the city's league.

I agree to read the game rules and guidelines of the City of Evanston as there are several rules that pertain specifically to this league.

I understand I must sign the City of Evanston roster in order to be eligible to play.